Safe Alcohol Drinking Amounts

With alcoholism becoming a relevant problem in all parts of the world, safe drinking is the best option for those willing to enjoy the benefits and advantages of alcohol. Although some advantages of alcohol intake are short term, there are benefits of controlled drinking as well. However, there is no real proof as to why a non-alcoholic should take to drinking, just because it can be done safely to a certain extent. Safe drinking is a concept that is mainly applicable to people who are required to reduce their intake to a proportion that can do them more good than harm. The long term effects of alcohol, if the limit of 3 - 4 drinks has been regularly overlapped.

The harmful effects of drinking are well known, as it also adds to adipose and wasteful fat energy. Drinking slows down physical mobility and therefore tends to bring about a tendency of the person to slow down in day-to-day life. Work is one of the major areas that gets affected when 'safe drinking' crosses the barrier on a regular basis. It is important for people to understand that drinking has certain terms of measurement associated with it. It is important for everyone to understand how much is one drink, as it may mean different in different parts of the world, and depends on which alcohol product is being referred to.

A drink may mean 30 ml, and 60 ml in various parts of the world. In the US, generally a unit of whiskey, vodka and other aperitifs, is considered to be 30 ml. The safe amount that can be useful for prevention of heart diseases, improving skin quality and reaping other benefits of good quality alcohol, is suggested to be kept below 3 - 4 drinks (which is equivalent to 90 - 120 ml) for men, and 2 - 3 for women. Wine is also an alcoholic drink which is suggested to be drunk not more than one glass, especially if taken on a regular basis.

Beer is one of the drinks that can be associated with a number of different terms when it comes to measurements. The smallest beer containers available in the market measure up to small nips, which contain 180 ml. Beer can be consumed till 330 ml safely on a regular basis. 1 quart (flagon) is often the ordered amount in restaurants, and is safe on an occasional basis.

One of the issues related to safe drinking the issue of driving. Some people have the notion that since they can stand all right after heavy boozing, a good driver should not have a problem, as he is practiced at the wheels. However, since driving requires a certain level of cognitive performance higher than